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The Fisherman's Widow

Released: Jan 13, 2017

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Talking Points:

  • Lovecraft-inspired horror erotica novella
  • explores the stress of grief and its impact on sleep, dreams, sex, and relationships
  • attempts to subvert the xenophobia of Lovecraft's stories
  • book title is a reference to a famous Japanese woodblock print, "Dream of the Fisherman's Wife," a potential forerunner for what in modern day is referred to as "tentacle porn" or "tentacle erotica"

Short Description:

Eva’s beloved husband Marc had always been secretive about his family and why he left them behind. After he is swept overboard in a terrible accident, bits of his past begin to surface. So do rumors and urban legends about the small island where he grew up. As her suspicions about him deepen, Eva is tortured by nightmares, and her mind begins to unravel. Will discovering her husband’s secret break her? Or will it set her free?


Ruby Duvall is a previously published author of romance who is now self-publishing. As a millennial who grew up reading historical, contemporary, and urban-fantasy romance, Ruby writes in a variety of genres. Though she grew up in the Midwest, she now lives with her husband in Seattle. When she's not writing, she reads, plays video games and tabletop RPGs, and runs screaming from spiders. Find out which of these she's up to by following her on social media or signing up for her newsletter at



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