FreqUently Asked Questions

Do you have any other books?

The publishing rights to my backlist reverted to me in 2015. For now, only individual sellers on Amazon will offer previous print editions.

The two novellas (Blues and Pink Present) will not be re-released at this time. The four books (Caught in the Devil's HandOblivionStay With Me, and Escape With Me) will be re-released as soon as I'm able. Frugal consumers should hold off on buying my backlist titles until they are re-released in both digital and print formats for far more affordable prices.

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Is Eidolon available in print?

Yes! You can buy a print edition on Amazon.

What do I do if I spot a typo in your books?

I'm so sorry a typo pulled you from the story even for a second. Typos are sneaky things—even in traditionally published works—but as a self-publisher, I have the power to fix them immediately. Just shoot me a quick email at and I'll upload a correction. (Note: Eidolon was refreshed in January 2017.)

Are you on tumblr?

I am! Rubyduvall is my official tumblr. I also run writersblockbuster, but I pretty much never use it to talk about my books. Rather, I use it to collect all the art and writing advice that I like to keep.

Tell me more about you!

Let's see... I have a degree in Finance (yeah, Finance). I lived in Tokyo for four years where I taught English and ate a lot of ramen—not that Cup-A-Noodle stuff, either. Gourmet ramen. I do speak some Japanese and I occasionally read manga. I am a wizard at cooking; I should wear a star-covered, pointed hat. My husband and I have a big-eyed brown tabby. (See my Instagram for food and cat photos.) My weaknesses are Bavarian cream donuts, diet Coke, my husband's goofy laugh, and puppies.