Samantha never thought being in the antiques business would be so dangerous, nor that a locket she swiped for herself would send her to 1783 London. With only enigmatic rhymes for clues, she must find out why she slipped through time and how to get home. Her situation goes from bad to worse when desperation lands her in a brothel, but Samantha’s first client may have the answers she needs—if she submits to his desires.

There’s more to beautiful, long-legged Samantha than meets the eye, but she’s a distraction that naval officer Ryder cannot afford. His father is dying, and his fugitive brother has bankrupted their family’s shipping business. Samantha turns out to be just what Ryder needs—both in bed and out of it—but the more passion they share, the more embroiled she becomes in his criminal dealings, including the dark secret between Ryder and the obsessed revenue officer who wants to see him hang.


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