Self-Publishing #3 — Formatting

Starting Off Clean

In the previous post, I said that of all the expenses self-publishers face, the one expense they shouldn’t skip is a professional edit. But when it comes to formatting, you can save some money doing it yourself. Should you? Just ask yourself a couple of questions.

Does your book contain complex formatting, such as images with captions, tables, footnotes, and bullet points? The more complex the content, the more time you’ll spend learning how to create clean formatting that will convert without error to other file types.

Do you have the time and talent to learn the ins and outs of formatting? If, for example, you can’t grab more than an hour at a time to work and have never been very tech-savvy, you may have a difficult time using formatting guides.

For more, read “Understanding Your eBook Formatting Options” by Marcy Kennedy via Fiction University.

Doing Your Own Formatting

Let’s say you have a fairly simple book to format, and you’re gung ho to learn how.