You Can Like Prometheus, But Only If You Acknowledge Its Problems

The Film’s Place in the Alien Franchise & Overall Thoughts

Prometheus takes place in the same fictional universe as the Alien franchise. Ridley Scott himself said it’s not a prequel to Alien—who knows if he’s pulling a “Khan-is-totally-not-the-next-villain” stunt—but Prometheus takes place before the first Alien film chronologically. Ridley Scott, who directed Alien, has returned to creep us out some more with HR Giger’s assistance, and he’s decided to ask some “deep” questions.

With one exception, the film’s visuals are stunning. The characters are well-acted, though some are no thicker than cardboard. A couple of plot twists were pleasantly surprising, but most character motivations were one or a combination of one-dimensional, cliché, inconsistent, or entirely absent. The characters’ actions were confusing, the plot was chock-full of holes and fridge logic, and the film was bloated with too many themes and too much symbolism. Overall, the film seemed to have high aspirations that quickly got out of the director and writers’ control.


I’m about to get into the nitty-gritty now, so if all of this is TL;DR and you don’t want spoilers, watch this hilarious video review from Half in the Bag. If you don’t care about spoilers but hate reading, Mike and Jay still have you covered.