Self-Publishing #1 — Organizing Your Publishing Plan

Strangely, putting all the things you need to do for your writing business into some kind of organized form is about as overwhelming to some as the task of writing a first draft. As I said in the introductory post, you’ll be engaging in some “yak shaving” if you’re doing all of this for the first time (or if you’re starting over from scratch, as I’m sometimes tempted to do).

I asked authors on the Marketing For Romance Writers Yahoo! Group how they organize both their writing projects and the “business side” of their writing, such as their sales data, marketing campaign notes, etc.

A couple respondents remain old-school and keep their writing projects in physical binders with tabs and sticky notes. Another keeps their writing projects in a single Microsoft Word document and uses Bookmarks and the Navigation Pane to jump around (kind of like an offline-only webpage). Others use alternate word processors designed for novel-writing, like Scrivener, which lets them outline and draft in the same program. Like me, several respondents prefer to use Microsoft’s OneNote to organize the bulk of their writing business while doing their actual writing in Word and tracking their budgets and sales data in Microsoft Excel.

What’s right for you? Let’s look at the most popular applications.