caught in the devil's hand

What Inspired “Caught in the Devil’s Hand”

Some of my readers know I used to write fanfiction (still do on rare occasion). Fanfic is an excellent way for a writer to build their narrative muscles, explore their author voice, get feedback on what they’ve produced, and enjoy their favorite media with a like-minded community of fans.

More specifically, creating “non-canon” dialogue and scenes using an existing IP lets writers practice their craft without as much requisite world-building. For example, a Harry Potter fanfic doesn’t have to go into detail about what Hogwarts is, who Harry’s friends are, or how witches and wizards cast magic, if it doesn’t want to. Readers will, by and large, already know that information and can follow along as the fanfic author explores a newly imagined story line or scene set in the same “universe”. And because existing IPs already have an audience…

New & Improved: a Re-Release Bonanza!

My first four full-length novels are hitting bookshelves again. And they're packing new heat!


What's new?

  • new covers

  • updated blurbs

  • fresh edits

  • new scenes!

All four novels are second editions, meaning they've been revised. Improved readability, snappier dialogue, hotter sex scenes, and tighter narration. Drawn Into Oblivion (previously published as Oblivion) now has a more satisfying ending that also leaves open the possibility of a third novel in the series. (Ooh!) And Stay With Me has a brand-new, sexy scene near the end. (You'll love it!)

When can I get my hands on them?

Each digital edition is now available for pre-order at major online retailers and will release on the following dates:

Where do I go for social media updates regarding your BACK-LIST?

If you'd like keep up with the re-releases via social media, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.