Self-Publishing #10 — Marketing


Last Updated: October 2019

The final post in this Self-Publishing series is bursting with links! I’ve categorized the most popular marketing opportunities and listed links to resources for more information in each category. Your Mileage May Vary. Note that not every resource is author-specific, but all should have at least a few nuggets of relevant advice.

When possible, I’ve included free* or low-cost marketing options. However, unless you have big-name connections willing to do something for you pro bono, like tweeting an endorsement of your book, etc., it seems the most effective marketing is either paid advertising or sinking time into building a “street team” (artificial “word of mouth,” if you will). Not everyone with advice busts out the numbers, but if you read enough advice on book marketing, you’ll come to realize that a book launch/hype strategy boils down to the size of your budget rather than the speed of your hustle. A fast hustle is still worth it (and experience often breeds success and efficiency), but it only gets you so far.

*Time spent preparing marketing materials, even if your bank balance doesn’t change, should still be considered a limited resource with its own value.

Social Media Marketing — General Advice

Marketing/Advertising — by Social Media Platform





Find more even more resource links for effectively using social media in my previous post, “Self-Publishing #9: Social Media.”

Paid Advertising & eBook “Discovery Services”

Creating Marketing Materials

Advertising on Amazon

Author Newsletters & Email Service Providers (ESP)

Giveaways, Swag, Reviews, & “Influencers”

Creating and Managing an Overall Marketing Plan

General Book Marketing Advice & “Master Lists”