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Bow Street: a little bit of history.
London Lives (1690-1800): a comprehensive site on "crime, poverty, and social policy in the metropolis." Highly useful.
Covent Garden: the history section is useful.
London Police History Vauxhall Gardens: I know this pleasure garden wasn't called Vauxhall Gardens until 1785, but I'm calling artistic license on using Vauxhall instead of New Spring Gardens. Vauxhall sounds way cooler.
Pleasure Gardens & Tea Rooms London's Gentlemen Clubs London's Pantheon Richard Horwood's Plan of London and Westminster, 1792: Very, very, very useful.
Travelling in London Restoration & 18th Century Drama: On London's "Licensed" Theaters

Consumer Price Inflation Since 1750
Naval Operations in the American Revolutionary War
Widening of the Naval War Yorktown & The War's End
NPR Interview of Stanley Weintraub: 'Iron Tears,' a British View of American Revolution
Lakagígar: A volcanic fissure south of Iceland that erupted in June 1783
BBC Timewatch, "Killer Cloud" (2007): a documentary by the BBC on the 1783 eruption of Laki.

Frederick North: Prime Minister of Great Britain 1770-1782
Charles Watson-Wentworth: Prime Minister of Great Britain 1765-1766 & Mar-Jul 1782
William Petty-FitzMaurice: Prime Minister of Great Britain Jul 1782 - Apr 1783
William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck: Prime Minister of Great Britain Apr-Dec 1783
William Pitt the Younger: Prime Minister of Great Britain Dec 1783 - 1801
Henry and John Fielding: half-brothers involved with the Bow Street Runners.

Reine des Centfeuilles: historical clothing collection and reproductions. Many beautiful pictures!
LACMA: one of their collections pertains to costume and textiles. High-res images!

Brain, Marshall. How Flintlock Guns Work: a great guide to single-shot flintlock guns, including names of the various parts.
Francis, Grose. A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, S. Hooper, 1785 -- an indispensable resource if you want your characters to use era-appropriate slang. Use with discretion.