Genre: Time-Travel, Historical, Romance | More Info

1351, Scotland. Emma wakes alone and confused on a wooded hillside. Her antique locket now looks new, and it holds cryptic clues about the unfamiliar place—and time—where she finds herself. Alien in both manner and appearance, she is believed to be a fairy and becomes the unwanted house guest of a skeptical, boorish crofter named Iain, in whom she discovers an unexpected tenderness.

Iain has good reason to suspect the beautiful, mysterious woman beseeching him for help. He’s seen too much deceit and lost too much. But he cannot deny how Emma pulls at him, nor suppress his mounting obsession with unlocking all her secrets. Is she an ordinary woman in extraordinary circumstances, or is she a real fairy as everyone else believes? And will he be able to convince her to stay in his life?

Genre: Time-Travel, Historical, Romance | More Info

Samantha never thought being in the antiques business would be so dangerous, nor that a locket she swiped for herself would send her to 1783 London. With only enigmatic rhymes for clues, she must find out why she slipped through time and how to get home. Her situation goes from bad to worse when desperation lands her in a brothel, but Samantha’s first client may have the answers she needs—if she submits to his desires.

There’s more to beautiful, long-legged Samantha than meets the eye, but she’s a distraction that naval officer Ryder cannot afford. His father is dying, and his fugitive brother has bankrupted their family’s shipping business. Samantha turns out to be just what Ryder needs—both in bed and out of it—but the more passion they share, the more embroiled she becomes in his criminal dealings, including the dark secret between Ryder and the obsessed revenue officer who wants to see him hang.

Genre: BDSM, Futuristic, Erotic Romance | More Info

Freelance tech journalist Lily Foss wears many masks. No one knows the "L. Foss" who reviews the latest Eidolon robotic companions is also "codemonkkey," whose program cost the Eidolon manufacturer a lot of money. No one knows she can't sleep at night. No one even knows she's a woman, and all of this secrecy makes fulfilling her desires as a sexual submissive next to impossible. Not even the newest Eidolon can replace a living, breathing Dominant.

Lily pins her hopes on the rumor that her best friend and fellow programmer Finley used to tie up his old girlfriend, but after a night with him falls apart, all she wants is a Dom who won't ask for her heart—or her real identity. Then a chance meeting gets her the business card of a high-class escort named the Stranger who specializes in domination. His commanding presence and guaranteed discretion seem like the perfect solution.

But Lily isn't the only one who wears a mask or the only one trapped between fantasy and reality, past and present, pleasure and pain. When the masks come off, Lily will have no choice but to face the horrifying truth.

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance | More Info

Shumei’s small village shuns her for the magic that runs in her family. She and her family scrape by providing herbal cures, but when an epidemic depletes her stores, she is forced to leave the protection of town.

Demons roam the woods at night, and Shumei falls into the hands of a handsome man…who isn’t really human. Little does she know that the deal she makes with him to escape his clutches will unlock her potential, her destiny…and her heart.

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance | More Info

Mai has found purpose serving as a house elder in the newly reformed imperial court, and she’s determined to help the empress fulfill her destiny to lead an army into the plane of Oblivion and kill the Damned One. But an old trauma prevents Mai from realizing her full potential, and she’s not sure she can open up her heart to the man who’s eager to help her see that she’s already a true leader—one far more passionate than she believes.

Rosuke, newly freed from a centuries-long curse, wants nothing more than to seize the kind of honorable life he’d previously discarded—one defined by sacrifice and love—even though he may not deserve it. And he’s more than willing to do everything he can to earn a place in Mai’s heart. However, their difficult pasts aren’t the only obstacles to a future together—not when they’re committed to fighting alongside the empress, even if it means their lives.

Genre: Horror, erotica | More Info

Eva’s beloved husband Marc had always been secretive about his family and why he left them behind. After he is swept overboard in a terrible accident, bits of his past begin to surface. So do rumors and urban legends about the small island where he grew up. As her suspicions about him deepen, Eva is tortured by nightmares, and her mind begins to unravel. Will discovering her husband’s secret break her? Or will it set her free?

Caution: this story is not a Romance.