Ruby Duvall is a previously published author of romance who is now self-publishing. As a millennial who grew up reading historical, contemporary, and urban-fantasy romance, Ruby writes in a variety of genres. Though she grew up in the Midwest, she now lives with her husband and two children in Seattle. When she's not writing, she reads, plays video games, and runs screaming from spiders.

What is Ruby's latest release?
Check out the new, second editions of Ruby's first four novels: Caught in the Devil's Hand (fantasy), Drawn into Oblivion (fantasy), Stay With Me (time-travel historical), and Escape With Me (time-travel historical). Fresh covers, improved readability, and even a sexy, brand-new scene in Stay With Me.

What can I expect next?
Ruby is drafting the third book in her Dark Court fantasy series. Get hints about the story from her Instagram, and follow her on other social media—or sign up for her newsletter—to get updates on when it releases.

Where can I send fan mail?

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